Hi, my name is Andrea and I run this shop with the help from my boyfriend, friends, and family who are always offering their positive imput and suggestions. I usually find things to sell at thrift & antique stores, yard sales, estate sales, and sometimes people give me Vintage things they don't want and I clean, repair, and fix them up. We love Vintage clothing and accessories, costumes, beautiful antique books, fairy tales, classic films, retro television, and history in general.

In my shop you will find Vintage finds from all over the country, especially California and the Southwest. There are also reworkings of rescued pretty Vintage clothing and accessories that needed a bit of a makeover, handmade items that are inspired by Vintage fashion and style, sewing supplies, and digital downloads of Vintage illustrations and art.

I wash all clothing items in biodegradable soap, except for the very delicate things that I spot clean or air out in the sunshine. All jewelry and accessories are also cleaned carefully before shipping.

I deeply care about the environment, non-cruelty, human & animal rights and love that Vintage shopping is a Green and non-sweatshop way to acquire things. Often will ship orders using re-purposed pretty papers and packing supplies.

If you are not happy with something, I will do everything I can to make sure you are pleased with your purchase and experience. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Thanks!! :)

This link takes you to a video where Cat's Meow Doll had a regular pop up shop at an SF fair. I'm in the first part of the video, .05 to .19